About DAY ET

At DAY ET we keep our ground in an ever-changing fashion industry, placing our identity and proudness strongly around our classic, Gweneth. It’s where we come from, it’s what defines us – and it’s how we are shaping today and tomorrow.

Thus, we stay true to our roots designing the future with a basis in our heritage of playful, affordable and functional everyday luxury. Because we believe that authenticity never goes out of style.

Whether it’s accessories or bags we always draw inspiration from our legacy redefining and reinventing the meaning of a timeless classic. A classic that opens up for thousands of possibilities within designs, co-labs and customization.

Our work is based on an ethical mindset towards long lasting fabrics – as well as on a philosophy that bags should be worn, used and lived in. Because a bag is not just a bag. It is your private space and your home on the move. It’s where you have your secrets, your life and your utilities. In all its simplicity, our bag is the perfect “partner in crime” following you through every facet of life – whether it’s work, sports, journeys, a love affair or a need to get away. We are with you at every destination in life.