Day Gweneth Fold Bag

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This bag is a brand new edition of the classic shopper bag from DAY ET. It is ideal to carry all of your belongings for a day in the office or to have folded down into the suitcase on the longer travel. The shopper bag is crafted in pure high quality nylon with a strong hold and lightweight. It features a spacious main compartment with plenty of room for the computer, folders, extra shoes and much more – it also has a smaller interior zipped pocket, so your keys and wallet always are easy to locate. This new model is equipped with a front pocket there is ideal to store your must-have close by on the go – or to use as pouch to fold the entire bag into, so it always are easy to carry with in the smaller to bigger bag. You will love that this bag doesn’t fill more than the smaller pouch when it is folded and that it has classic shopper look and size. With the bag come long slender straps for perfect carrying experience, even when it is full on the long journey. Perfect for any city stroll or the exciting adventure to come.